Friday, August 31, 2012

Faces 14: Ladies of Soul

Meet Geraldine, Hannah, and Marcella, the beautiful ladies of the Mt. Sinai Institutional Baptist Church.
Yeah, their glasses have glare. It was 1:00 in the afternoon without a reflector, and the only place for them to stand with any degree of shade was facing straight into the sun.  So.  Sorry girls...  

These ladies are awesome!  They're all set to go early at the Mt. Sinai booth just outside the Bottleworks in Cambria City, so if you're going to the Ethnic Festival this weekend, stop by and say hello. They're giving away gospel tracts, school supplies, and selling soul food dinners.  And let me tell you, the chicken smells DELICIOUS.  When I was getting the releases out, a fellow came over, arms opened wide, and asked who did the chicken breading.  When he found it was Geraldine (L), he said it was like tasting heaven, and kissed her hands! 

If it tastes as good as smells, we're all in for a treat tomorrow--and Geraldine had better be prepared for lots of kisses!


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