Saturday, August 25, 2012

Faces 11: Classics

There was a classic car display at Hilltopper Days.

Some fun old cars.  We liked the hotrods, so why didn't I take a photo of one?  I dunno.  Instead, I have a photo of a turtle sleeping under one.  He had a little hole at the edge of his shell for the chain, which was attached under the bumper, and he was just hangin' out.

Then there was this 1948 Fleetline.  Pretty neat looking.

And as we were ready to leave, here comes this beautiful Cougar.  


I wish I had a wide angle lens to really get the best out of this car picture  It was as long as a football field!  HA!

Dennis is the owner of this awesome car.  He said it's a great car, as long as it starts...  It obviously started well today, as he was living the good life, cruising along in a classic ride, his lovely girl by his side.  And a plush doggie in the back!  

Oh yeah!

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Caroline said...

OH WOW!!! I am catching up on your project! So awesome Lynn!

Chris O said...

Love old cars! We have the New Hope Auto show every year in New Hope. Can't tell you when the last time I went. Maybe it's time to go again but I'll have to wait until next year.