Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 307

On Thursday, and again today, Julia wanted to go over to the church parking lot to practice riding her bike.  Our home is on slight hills, which makes it hard to learn.  I think she's probably the only kid her age that never really rode a trike.  Sigh.  So she has a bicycle now, with training wheels of all things, and she was too scared to ride the thing.  On Thurday it got to the point of, "If you don't just pedal, already, we'll find someone else who WILL ride this bike."  Sounds kind of callous, I suppose, but good golly.  Anyway, motivation happened when her brother got on the tricycle and started racing around.  Amazing how quickly she got on and started to pedal.  Within 15 minutes she was racing around the parking lot, too.  We were there for two hours.  Yesterday, we rode from a friend of hers home.  Today before a baptism at the church we rode around some more.  She says she's ready to move the training wheels up.  We'll see how it goes next week!  Hopefully she won't have too many tumbles.  But she is so very proud of herself, even with the trainers, being able to zip up and down the parking lot, that ll I can do now is hold my breath.

Anyway, here are a couple shots. 

And none of Julia's face.  She has her tongue sticking out, trying to get the hair out of her mouth, in every single shot!  Beter luck another day. 


Anonymous said...

Always a safe road ahead for her. Remember pushing me bike up a hill, sitting upon and riding it down. Must be more than two decades ago...thank you for the memories. Amazingly beautiful photography. Chapeau !

Chris said...

Hi Lynn, I just LOVE your photos, especially the one of your daughter. Priceless! I love the expression on her face! One of the things I've learned from all my blogs buddies is how to look differently at the things in my day to day life. There are some amazing photos in the simple things aren't there?