Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 314: Plentiful Posies

It has been so hot hot hot and muggy muggy muggy.  I'm perpetually sticking to everything I touch.  The kids look like they have no one to care for them, but it's just all the dirt within miles of their little selves deciding that kids' sweat is the bee's knees and taking a vacation on the faces, hands, knees, hair, and under the nails of the girl and boyo.  Bleh.  We spend the days moving about as little as possible.  I have to bake a birthday cake today.  A birthday cake?  Which requires the oven?  Oh the horror.  So I have put it off until now, almost 9 pm, hoping that it will cool down a bit.  I might wait a bit longer.  Sitting here by the open window and feeling the cool breeze--yes, cool!--is heavenly!

Along with a body that doesn't move very well in heat comes a mind that feels like a fluffy pillow.  Fluffy, I tell you.  No imagination.  Photo of the day?  Of what?  Expend mental and physical energy?  Horrors.

So here are some daisies.  Unedited, because editing means I have to think.  Bother on that!  And yes, I'm getting tired of flower photos, too.  I'm just running out of ideas!  I might need to browse through flickr for inspiration, something I have yet to do. 

Enjoy the flowers.  Think cooooool thoughts.  Send those cool thoughts this way.

Thanks.  It's appreciated.  Muchly.


Anonymous said...

Only five months to go until Christmas ;) Long time since last seen such nice green. Please have a great start into the new week.

daily athens

Kim Living Life said...

good for you baking at 9pm no way i'd be going the ice cream cake route, lazy me.