Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 319: Bean update

The beans have gone from this to this, taken from the ground under 9 foot poles.

Whee!  We have a bean teepee!  It's so fun under those big, saucer-sized leaves. 

*yawn* Here are a couple more from the garden after the downpour and thunderstorm. 

In other news:

Drove by a house in the neighbourhood (Meryl, it's that beautiful white house on Luzerne that has the sloping roof over the front porch) that was on fire.  Smoke billowing out of the upper floor windows.  We didn't stop to gawk, so I'm not sure the outcome, since the first fire engine arrived just minutes before we got there.  Hope all was contained.  *shiver*  I so hate the thought of someone's house on fire.

Practice this afternoon for concert tomorrow evening.  Over three hour rehearsal.  It was nuts.  We were both so tired we couldn't even think by the end, and my fingers felt like jell-o.  Wow--hard pieces.  Wish I had another week, but come what may, we're live tomorrow at 7:30 at The Bottleworks.  Tickets are $12 at the door--if you're in the area, stop by!  A bit of opera, Broadway, rock 'n roll, and more.  Max, at 16 years old, has an amazing voice.

Flea combed the cats last night.  Just keeping it real, folks!  It's that time of year in kitty land.  They're both feeling much better today, after a comb and Frontline dose.

Alrighty then.  Off I go to bed!  Nighters!



Betty Anne said...

I absolutely LOVE the first and last flower pictures -- thank you for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

What a joy it must be, being a stone, lying on the ground, inside your garden. Beautiful photography ! Please have you all a great start into the weekend.

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