Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Day whatever it would have been yesterday:  Photos of the seagulls.  Boring?  Perhaps, but where I'm from, they're just plain white and gray, and these ones have cool black heads.  Still annoying as heck, waking us up with their maniacal laughter.  Also a photo of the gravel roads, if you could call it gravel, made from crushed shells.

Day whatever it would be today:  An egret!  Beautiful, beautiful egret fishing.  Could have watched him all day.  None of the kids at the ocean, because the breakers were huge.  I'll try to get some before we leave, though.

This is craziness.  Camera in the car, and it's pitch black, other than my computer screen.  I'm not about to stumble out to the locked car and get the camera (maybe I should have it in here, but if I bring it in, I'll forget to take it when we go out tomorrow, and then it will be in an unlocked space.  I know me).  ANYWAY, they're on the camera, and maybe I'll get them back up.  I'm posting today.  I took the photos and will post at a reasonable time/place.  Is that good?

We spent the vast part of the day at Assateague beach today.  Those breakers were brutal!  But the kids had a ball with the waves.  I was the one who was stressing, because there was quite a back wash, so I was grabbing at the kids a lot so they didn't end up on the OTHER side of the Atlantic!   The weather was hot, record breaking, but a breeze off the ocean made it nice, and it has really cooled down this evening, so we had a campfire and made s'mores and life was good.  We have been told to go out early and walk down the beach to find great seashells, so we're going to try that tomorrow or the next day.  The breakers were too much, and most of the shells were pretty broken up.

Campfire?  Lit the very first time.  Thank you very much!

Bed.  Hardly got any sleep last night, and those stinking gulls woke everyone up at 5:30.  The kids had a fabulous day--really great to each other--which was sooo nice since they were exhausted.   

As am I.

Good.  Night!



Anonymous said...

An interesting and beautiful "word-picture". Wishing you all the very best and a nice Friday for you all.

daily athens

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Wow, it sounds fun and exhausting. Looking forward to the photos. Enjoy!