Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 303: Grease and dust

Love the thought of using this chili infused oil, but it's so pretty that I haven't.  So it has been instead gathering grease and dust and I should have cleaned it off before I took the photo but figured, meh--might as well keep it real!

And with this, I am CAUGHT UP!  YES!  I don't think I mentioned that sometime mid week, I went to turn my computer one one evening at camp when the kids were in bed, and there was no power to the computer.  None.  Zip.  Cord plugged in, hadn't charged the battery either.  So off it went to the nearest computer repair place, since I didn't have the heart to deal with Dell customer service yet AGAIN.  Anyway, it's back. Needs a new battery, apparently.  Not quite sure why, but since the technician got it working as long as the battery is removed and it's plugged in,  I'm not complaining too much.  So please forgive the late catch up.  Besides it being pitch black in the tent and having long, exhausting days, I didn't have a computer!  Of course. 


Marcie said...

Your computer sounds like our Dell. We have replaced the battery once and the power adapter twice in the year and a half that we have owned it. Sorry to hear it's been giving you such stress.

Lynn said...

Marcie, it has been SUCH a headache! I've had this thing for a little over a year and had to have the AC adapter replaced within the first two months. And that was the easiest problem. I've had the motherboard replaced. I've had the hard drive replaced. I now have a new battery on teh way. I've had to deal with tech support tooo often. NEver again.

Speaking of tech support, there's going to be a new series on NBC called "Outsourced," which takes place at a customer service center in India. I should write for it... :oP