Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 293: S'all there is

I'd actually grabbed my camera to take a photo of an ant carrying a huge bee.  It was staggering around as though intoxicated, but was determined to bring the bee home.  So I ran inside, but when I came out with my camera, the kids informed me that the ant had finally given up on the load, dumped it, and scurred on it's way.

So I turned my lens to the nearest thing to photograph, and I'm afraid that, once again, it's flowers.

Perty ones, but fleurs nonetheless.

We're getting ready to go camping next week (provided someone who shall remain nameless gets her room tidy...).  Heading to Assateague to see the wild ponies and camp near the beach. Crabbing and clamming and sand castles, oh my!  So next week, probably no flowers.  Just sand and horses and odd looking sea critters.

Anyway, here's today's offering:

Yeah, it helps clarity to remember to turn your camera back from manual focus to auto.  Which explains the fuzzy bunny photos from yesterday.  Lucky to even get one that remotely turned out, which would have served me right, after all!

Happy 4th tomorrow, to all the American buddies.  Happy Sunday to the rest of you!




bicocacolors said...

i loooove allegria images!!!
greetings from spain and
happy 4th of July!!!

Chris said...

Turning camera from manual to auto? That's nothing, try shooting a goregeous sunset and realizing AFTER the sun has set you have no film in the camera!!! That was when I was still using film! Anyway, love the description of the ant and the bee. I love your flower shots, out of focus or not. Assateague . . . oh, I so want to go there.