Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 305

During which
I remind Julia that
She does not need to use
the whole roll
in one sitting.


Chris said...

One of the thiings I've learned from the blogs I follow, one of which is yours Lynn, is to look at my everyday world a lot closer. Photographically speaking that is. I take more food photos, which I never did before. I've also taken photos other mundane things that when I download them to my computer I'm amazed at what I see. This photo of the paper towels is something I would've never thought of yet it's beautiful it in its simplicity.

Lynn said...

I was just sick of going into the bathroom and seeing the commode half full of toilet paper and having to plunge it half the time! LOL Figured I might as well document it. HA!

elizabeth said...

LOL. My dad used to try to explain to the (us) girls that it *should* be possible to use only a single square. We never quite agreed.

I will never look at my toilet paper the same again - this is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful a picture indeed. With Stefan being shortly three years of age, this was surely of interest, as we currently try to teach him to leave the diaper slowly but surely away. A great start into the weekend for you all.

Lynn said...

One square? Now THAT is disgusting! LOL

Robert, oh my goodness. Potty training is so hard. But worth it!