Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 321: Just horsin' around in the back yard.

What.  A.  Day.

What I didn't mention yesterday is that somewhere in the last couple of days, one of the kids--probably Adam--turned the controls to the fridge OFF.  And yes, I discovered just before I had to leave last evening that everything in the fridge and freezer had gone bad.  Lovely.  And I was supposed to make some biscuits for a breakfast over at at the church this morning.  But by the time I got home, it was too late to get more milk and eggs to make something, so we had to stop at the grocer on the way to church to purchase some muffins.  Which they really didn't need, there being TONS there.  So I guess the missionaries are getting my muffins, since while at the church, Adam threw up for the first time in his life.  EVERYWHERE.  So I brought him home, wondering how I was going to get to the store to get milk and eggs for the weekend with a sick kid at home. 

Bishop to the rescue!  He and his wife brought over a few staples,

And I spent a good portion of the afternoon emptying the fridge and freezer, which were both fairly full, seeing as how I had just gone grocery shopping a few days ago.  It made me feel almost sick--throwing out good lunch meat, cheese, fruit...

But to the photos.  While I brought Adam home, Julia stayed at the church and played some games, which she taught Adam this afternoon, when he was feeling better.  Their biggest fun was stick pulling, and Julia was laughing because Adam kept beating her!  And he's three year's younger!  I think we're going to have a bruiser on our hands.

If anyone has any hints on getting kids to stop sucking on their hair, I'd appreciate the tip.  As it stands, she has until school starts to improve or completely stop it, or she's getting her hair cut to her chin, which she's not happy about, seeing as how she loves her hair long.  But oh--it is such a mess right now.

Apparently, the following are examples of a "slaw."  Hmn...


Anonymous said...

Have to admit, that if life seems difficult over here, reaching this site brings always a change in mood and provides nothing but happiness. Thank you.

The fridge - just the night before the first vaccination for Stefan it went out of work and at about three in the morning we call the "in laws" to put the med into their fridge. Seems indeed as if this machine is a good mean to measure time/life.
Love the first picture - melting forces into one. Please have you all a good start into the new month and week.
(sorry for the rather long comment)

Kate said...

Precious photos. I just stumbled across your blog. I love it! I'm going to poke around, I promise to put everything back where I found it!