Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 311: Corner View: Me.

I just haven't been in the mood for picking up the camera lately.  With just two months to go of the challenge, I'm starting to lose my oomph!  Good things in the works, though.  I've been asked to take photos of a string quartet, and have some fun ideas for those.  And a young woman from church asked me to take her senior photos up at a farm, which should be a hoot.  Hopefully those will help get my photo-mojo back!

But the Corner View today was titled "me."  It was rainy much of the day, and when I COULD have gone outside, it just seemed too much work to drag out the tripod and hook up the remote and...well, I just didn't have the, well, oomph!  Soooo, I gave the camera to Julia and said, "GO!  Take some photos."  This was the best one.

And here's one I took of the kids, so I'd have a photo today.

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Theresa said...

These are nice. It's fun to see you after reading your thoughts for so long.
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