Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 306: Simple things for Christina

Christina, over at Soul Aperture, is celebrating a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Christina!

Soul Aperture is one of the most beautiful blogs in the universe.  Beautiful photos, peaceful words, and an absolute oasis from the world.  Christina gives us a moment to sit and breathe cool, fresh air.  To celebrate, we're sending her lists of our favorite simple things.

Dear Christina, lover of roses and all things gentle and pretty--my offering!

The smell of toast in the morning.
The feeling of freshly lotioned feet (it's true!)
Cuddling with the kids after their bath.
A purring cat in your lap.
Finding that the birthday cake tastes just as good--or better--than the frosting!
Homemade bread, warm from the oven, with butter slathered all over it.
A honeybee deep inside a flower.
Garden dirt in your fingernails.
A letter from a friend.
A smile.
My favorite pair of flannelette jammies.
A child's giggle.
Fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden.
A cardinal splashing aroubd in the neighbour's birdbath.
Popsicles dripping on your chin.
Playing in the sprinkler
Bare feet in dewy grass.

The lovely Se' Lah is hostessing this surprise party, so drop on by her place. 
You can't miss it--the balloons and streamers are a dead giveaway!

A song *ahem*

Happy Happy Birthday Christina dear
Happy days will come to you all year
If I had one wish then it would be
A happy-happy birday to you from me!

OK.  Now go have a slice of that amazing cake that you posted today.  It looks divine!


SE'LAH... said...

hey Lynn,

well, you had to put butter on the fresh bread from the oven. now i can't leave here ;)

such a beautiful list. thanks so much for joining in the fun. one love.

Gayle said...

Hi Lynn! It's great to meet you! Is that Rose of Sharon, or maybe Hibiscus? Beautiful! Like Se'Lah, your mention of warm bread from the oven with butter stopped me for a moment to imagine the smell! Yum!

Lynn said...

Se'Lah, the party has been great fun! Thanks for doing it!

Gayle: Rose of Sharon. I love them--but I don't love pulling out the shoots every year so I don't have a yard of the stuff. They're pretty tenacious!

Caroline said...

Oh my...such wonderful things. I loved reading this!

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! We have those same flowers in our yard! :) Sooooo pretty! And happy birthday! (So many birthdays lately!)

Christina said...

this is about the most pretty letter, a simple girl like me, could receive.
the smell of toast... honey bees.
yes indeed, it's all love.
thank you, my friend.

kath said...

Fabulous list ... I love how many of us chose tomatoes and basil as one of our items ... it is that time of year ... fish are jumping ...