Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 298: 07/08/2010

Playing catch up this yesterday and this morning on trip photos, now that I have my computer back.  Maybe I should just chuck it and start over, but anyway.  Onward.

We found a swim mask with the nose piece attached, and once Julia put it on, there was no stopping her in the water.  Her biggest thing, it turns out, was water up her nose and not being able to see.  Imagine that.  Once we solved that problem, she was like a little fish.  Of course?  No photos of it.  Hauling everything over to the pool and back was hard enough without the camera too.  This trip wasn't a good "photos of the kids" trip, since I was in the water with them, or too near it/helping them do whatever it was while leaning over it or such to have my camera around my neck.

Later in the afternoon, after doing a little grocery shopping and running a couple of other errands, we decided to go crabbing.  After ice cream at Muller's Ice Cream Parlour, a great, old fashioned place in an old house.  The ice cream was soooo good.  I had a bit of the kids', although having to do the nondairy thing required my getting a Dole something or other.  Also good, but not like the ice cream was!

Then crabbing.  I so wanted pics of the kids doing this, but there was no way.  A couple of times, while I was busy with the line, or threading the chicken neck onto the hook, I wanted to reach out and capture the two of them leaning against the rail with the net, or looking into the cooler squealing at the crabs, but they were over THERE, while I was over THERE trying to keep my loose glasses from falling into the drink!  But we caught about half a dozen or so that were the right size (quite a few more that were too small), and had a ball doing it.

Here's one guy.  He looks a little, well, crabby at the whole process.

So crabby, in fact, and pinchy that there was only one thing to do.  And I did what I have never done before.  Cook a living thing.  I'm sorry to all of you who thought I was a nice, peace loving Canadian who who would never, ever do such a thing.  Julia didn't like the idea at first, and cried and said that nobody cared about living things like SHE did.  We took a vote, and Adam wanted to eat them and got upset about NOT cooking the things.  So it was 2:1.  So I said we could go out again tomorrow and catch more and put them back, but these ones were going to die anyway, since we couldn't put them back in the water that night.  So she agreed that it was OK, although she wouldn't watch.  But then she wanted to see them turn pink.  And then she said she wanted to eat them.  And she ate more than anyone else and firmly indicated that she was over it, and that he tasted really good, too.  And he did!

For the record, Adam wouldn't eat a bit.  Figures.  He had a sandwich for supper.  Which was fine.  By this point, it was almost pitch black, and the following photo was taken by lamplight on the picnic table.

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