Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 322: Pepper and pepper eater, perhaps?

Yesterday while we were outside I spotted a nifty bug on the pepper plant.  Saw one again today and took its picture, as it wandered along from the peppers to the basil, having a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll.

It's probably what has been eating the leaves and perhaps putting holes in the peppers themselves but it's purty, yes?

No macro lens on at the time, so cropped within an inch of its little ol' life

Wonder of wonders, we even have a pepper out there.  Sans holes--for now.  Not quite ready to pick, so we're crossing our fingers and holding our breath for its safe fruition.

In other news:  Julia has a really loose tooth on the bottom, and it's really hurting her.  She has a permanent tooth already in behind it from a tooth that fell out last year (ah yes, braces are in definitely in her future), so she can't wiggle it back very far, and she's having trouble sleeping tonight because of pain, poor tyke.  We tried to pull it out, but it's not quite ready, and I don't want to yank too hard.  So it was a bit of Tylenol tonight and a back rub from mum and as of now, all is quiet, so hopefully she's finally asleep.

I sometimes have very vivid dreams sometimes that my teeth are loose and coming out in spades.

Do you have dreams like that?  I wake up swearing that my teeth are all loose in my head.  How weird.


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A king of ladybug ?

Ohh ! Dreams... I don't really believe they announce things (my grandmother said loosing teath was a bad dream), you just have to think what teeth represent for you... Something you fear ???

Anonymous said...

There's a chocolate on sale back home in Germany which has red pepper - taste just amazingly great. Currently about twenty past two in the morning, kid dreaming as well, made me glass of Mango juice to get me through the night... Please have you all a great Wednesday.