Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 172: Cuts to the core

How I love my knives!  When we got married, dear hubby really, really wanted to put a good portion of our gift dollars into a set of good knives.  What did I know about it?  I thought it was a bit extravagant.  I thought it was a lot of money to put down.  I thought that I could make do with something a lot less expensive.

Boy.  Was I wrong.

It was instant, abiding, and pure love.

The way these knives slice into a tomato makes me swoon.

I feel like a Top Chef when I dice an onion.

My knees go weak when I know I'll be taking one out of its sheeth, its blade flashing as it pierces the skin of a potato.


Like all relationships, sometimes we start taking each other for granted.  At Christmastime, I took a knife out of my mother-in-law's drawer, and it was so old and dull it kept slipping on whatever it was I was trying to cut.  It wanted a piece of me, but I showed it who was in charge.  It wasn't pretty, and I have no desire in pursuing that relationship.  Mother-in-law is getting a couple of new, sharp knives for Christmas this year.

When I  came home, I whispered sweet nothings to my Wusthofs and promised a good session with the sharpening steel.  When my knives are happy, I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

The good sharp ones are the ones that take a peice of me! I can't be trusted with a really sharp one!

Anonymous said...

How very interesting to read a story behind sharp knifes. To be honest, am currently a bit glad, that there's not a knife close by...

A nice Wednesday for you all.

Kristen @ Motherese said...

Yes! I adore my knives (the same as yours!) and miss them almost as much as my bed when I'm away from home. I love to give special people knives as a wedding present. When I told that to my mom, she thought it might seem a little threatening, but I hope my good intentions are understood by the recipients once they've tried the magic that is slicing a tomato with a good knife. :)

Allegria said...

Suzicate: I'm always cutting myself on the dull ones, because I can't control them properly. The klutz in me, I guess. I'll send you my mother-in-laws when she gets new ones. :oD

Robert: LOL! I suppose you would! When we had kids, there was a bit of a discussion as to where to put them so they were out of the way but accessible. Luckily, we haven't had a problem (except for when hubby dropped one and it pierced through a sock, narrowly missing the foot. YIKES!)

Kristen: I sooo hear you! When I'm in someone else's home and have to use a knife, it pains me if they're not sharp. It's so funny that your mom says it's kind of threatening to give people knives! I never thought of it that way. Hmn.