Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 174: Corner View--Coffee Companions

Missed last week's Corner View, which was "street photography," since I take my photos the day of the challenge, and it was snowing and COLD!  So I copped out and stayed home.  Since I blew off last week, today I really felt I needed to do this week's challenge.


Uh.  I don't drink coffee!  Although I have to say I like the smell of it, and I used to work next to a place that sold a hazelnut flavored coffee with a smell that I wanted to bottle and daub behind my ears.  However, I don't drink the stuff.

And I know that yesterday I posted a teacup.  Today you're getting another one, I'm afraid.

I've been having some tummy owies since last July, and I can hardly WAIT until May when our insurance kicks in and I can go get it checked out.  The pain comes and goes, but today was a particularly rough day.  In an attempt to calm things down, I brewed a cup of mint tea and honey.  Companion?  Something that I put on the plate because I like them, although there was no way I could eat them today.  A little vanilla and caramel cookie stick.  Yum.

Now off to see what's brewing at Spain Daily.


Joyce said...

You really have a nice collection of teacups. It seems like May will be the month for both of us. I'm trying to push off a surgery till then. I hope your tummy stuff will be OK. xo

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I don't drink coffee either, very unusual!
Hope the tummy feels better!

Theresa said...

Get well soon! Beautiful photo.

Kari said...

lovely tea cup.
sorry about your tummy owies.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I like tea as well ! And this kind of companions !!!!

Have a sweet day

Ocean Girl said...

I love your picture. That's what Corner View is all about.

SuziCate said...

pretty china cup and saucer!

Kathryn said...

Aw. I'm so sorry you don't feel well, sweetie. I hope the tummy settles down and behaves itself till the insurance kicks in...

Love the beautiful teacup!

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes and a beautiful Friday as well for you all.

Allegria said...

Joyce: Oooh--good luck on your surgery. Thanks for stopping in.

Maureen: Hey! Whaddya know! I've never tried it, actually. Weird, huh? Never missed trying it, either.

Theresa: thanks!

Kari: Wish I had more of these little saucer/plate combos.

Otli: Yup. Chocolate is a good companion for about ANYTHING.

OceanGirl: That's sweet. No way I'm taking photos of my corners. Dust bunnies.

Suzicate: come on over for a cuppa!

Kathryn: It hasn't been behaving itself so far. Spent this afternoon curled up in bed whimpering. Wuss that I am! LOL

Robert: THanks, Robert. I hope the same for you.

jane said...

lovely shot. try manzanilla- that might calm your tummy. hugs:)