Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 183

Had a full Adam and Mummy day today.  Julia had her first sleepover (aaaawwww!) so it has been kind of an oddly empty evening. 

A couple of photos, very little commentary, since it's almost 3 am my time since I had to work after the kiddo went to sleep.  Here we go:


Jenna said...

I tried and tried to get a good picture of raindrops on branches, but my poor point-and-shoot did not appreciate the raindrops falling on it. :-P

Anonymous said...

What an interesting composition of images, themes. Guess that it is indeed the liquide of life, that falls down from above, making nature and us grow,bridging past and future.
Please have you all a wonderful start into the new week.

Allegria said...

Jenna, I know what you mean about taking pictures in the rain. I see the amazing things that people do, while it's raining, and I wonder how they keep their camera from getting ruined. These were done after the rain had passed, while we were walking to pick up our van, which was in the shop. Husband says to make a little cover with a plastic bag for my camera, but I think I'll wait and get a real waterproof cover--I know they exist.

Robert: I should just hire you to write the captions for my photos, sir! Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

I love coming here! Your photos are simply gorgeous and fun.