Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 190: Lovin' the Spring Thing

It was lovely park weather.  Picked up Ms. J at the bus and walked to the playground, which is finally un-mudded enough to enjoy.

And look what was there! 

The kids, of course, had a blast.  I messed around with saturation a bit for fun.

I once again will bemoan not having the proper lens.  I have one that's too short (55 mm, the kit lens) that has IS.  And a looooong one that does not. Nothing in between, so getting shots of kids as they run around is pretty hard right now.  Ah well.  Maybe by the end of the summer my piggy bank will be full.

We were at the playground for an age.  So I messed around with the playground equipment.  And with crazy photoediting.  Here are a couple:

HA!  I couldn't resist.

In other news:

Spring uncovers mangled body of shopping cart buried in snow pile:

The police released a statement indicating that Mr. Plow is a vehicle of interest in this case.  If you know the whereabouts of Mr. Plow, please contact the local authorities.


elizabeth said...

I really love that first photo. It emanates spring.

Kim Living Life said...

wow great spring shots and great photoshopping isn't it wonderful the things you can do in the edit section. Love it

Lynn said...

Elizabeth: It was pure luck rather than good management, but I kind of like the color, too.

Kim: I'm a hack editor. Just press buttons and pray. teehee