Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 193: Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I've seen people doing this for awhile now, but haven't jumped in myself.  Until today.

Random Tuesday Thoughts. Here we go:

Don't you love that male cardinals say WHEEE-hoo?

Just dipped a spoon into a jar of caramel sauce and ate it.  No ice cream to mess it up. It was divine.  You should try it, if you haven't already done so.

The symphony called today to ask if I'd play a synthesizer/harp sounding accompaniment for a Palm Sunday performance of Messiah.  Rehearsal this Thursday.  Performance this Sunday.  I was smart and declined.  Yipes!

Why is every horizontal surface a magnet for stuff, I ask you. Why?

It was a grey day.  Now I see sun coming in through the window.  Way to assert yourself, sun! 

Can hardly wait to get the vintage charm bracelet that I won in an Ebay auction.  It's sterling silver in a chased design, and it's lovely.  Now the kids will just have to start filling it up. Hehe.  Why did my heart race when I won the auction?  Isn't that strange? Was it fair to put in my bid in the last 10 seconds?  Was it? 

My thoughts aren't particularly deep.  Hmn.

It's going to be a busy evening.  Way to put things off until the last minute, Lynn-o.

Why is it that raw cookie dough tastes better than when it's baked?  The dough to these double chocolate mint chip cookies is waaay good.

Why these pictures of rocks?  Because J's science fair project is on weathering, so we went out to take some photos to decorate her display with.

Why does this photo of the rainbow in the waterfall look so odd?  Because I was trying to stop water for an earlier photo and increased the shutter speed.  Forgot to turn it back.  Bummer.  And what's with the fuzziness, anyway?  So 6:30 tomorrow evening, I'm going back to try again.  Sheepers.

Random Tuesday Thoughts brought to you by Keely.

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