Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 175: Game on.

My grandma taught me how to play cribbage when I was a teenager,  then she and I taught my husband, and he and I spent much of the time on our honeymoon (truly!) playing this game, with this board that hubby bought as a wedding gift.

I love the First Nations design carved in the center.  It's the most unique crib board I've ever seen.

Hmn.  I think I'll dig out the cards and challenge H to a game.

If you'd like to give it a shot--and I highly recommend it as a good way to learn all the combinations that make up 15 (hehe)-- you can find the rules here: .  The Hoyle's rules, because in Grandma's world, those were the only rules to games that one could truly count on.  When she said, "it all went according to Hoyle," it was the most sincere compliment to organization and clarity. 

Here are a couple of phrases Grandma used, and which rubbed off on my play:

"15-2 and the rest don't do."
"15-4 and the rest don't score"
"15-6 and the rest don't mix."

and of course, "HAHAHAHA! SKUNKED you!!"

There's probably more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

The year before I moved from Vancouver to PA, I worked in the British Columbia office of Bankruptcy.  Oddly enough, it was a really interesting job (and the building incidentally,  was in a fabulous location, right in beautiful downtown Vanouver by the library).  Someone had brought in a homemade cribbage board, where it had sat for ages in the lunch room.  Only one person played (other than myself), and once he knew that I could play, we would spend our lunchtimes cards in hand. He was an older fellow, having played cribbage for years, and although I wasn't a bad player, he left me in the dust every.  single.  time.  It was humbling.  I'm still not quite sure why I couldn't beat him, but I spent about six months trying, and would probably still be doing so if I hadn't moved.

Any games that have left a big impression on you?  What are they?  Do you have any cribbage stories?  Or other game-related memories?


Juniper said...

Beautiful crib board! I had forgotten about the game cribbage and now you have made me want to dig out my cards and the memory of how to play it (plus find a board) have fond memories of playing it.

Anonymous said...

I've never played cribbage, but I love playing the card game Nerts, especially with my family.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I never played Cribbage. Not a big game player altho the kids do coerce me on occasion.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, haven't heard about that game before tonight, however got interested to search and find out more.

For me, currently it is mostly Sudoku in 3-D, having six sides just like a qube.

A wonderful Sunday for you all.

Shawna said...

Indeed a beautiful crib board! Terry and I play quite often, especially in the summer when we are camping with friends and family. We are lucky to be in a circle of friends who love the game.

Allegria said...

Juniper: It's more than a little addicting, yes? Thanks for stopping by!

Unabridged Girl: I've never heard of nerts. Going to have to go look it up.

Maureen: There are a few games that I play, but I always feel slightly out of it and a bit self conscious when playing some games--especially those goofy party games, or games that require too much strategy.

Robert: Sudoku! Wow. Math and I are enemies, so I've never caught on to Sudoko. I've heard that it's pretty addictive, though. And in 3-D? I'd be completely lost. I'll just eat popcorn and watch you guys.

Shawna: Shawna? Shawna? Is that you? Diamond Club Shawna? Why didn't we ever play cribbage together? How odd that I never knew that you played. Harrumph.