Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 186: Soulier Shopping


Ms. J needed new shoes.  Badly.  Problem?  Hard to fit feet.

Off to the mall we go.  Mission?  Two pairs of black shoes.  One to wear ONLY to church (since she scuffs up shoes so badly they get horrible looking fairly quickly) and another to wear when she wants to wear skirts and such to school, which is quite often.

Ugh.  We looked EVERYWHERE.  Not her size.  One foot fit fine, heel slipped out the other.  argh.  Argh.  ARGH!!

Resorted to Payless for a pair of church shoes.  Sorry, Payless, but due to previous experience, I doubt very much the sole will stay attached at the toe much past the first couple of wears.

Then to the far end of the mall for a last shot at Boscov's.  At this point, we were in a huge rush, so quickly asked a sales lady where the shoes were.  Off we go.  Three (3) pairs of children's shoes.  Sigh.  On the way out, the same sales lady is passes us.  "Did you find what you needed?" she asked.  "Nope.  Very few children's shoes there."  "Try upstairs, they might have a few pairs in the children's department."

JACKPOT!!!  A whole tableful on CLEARANCE!  Yippeee!

Don't you just love the lining?  Love, love love.  (As I'm typing this, I'm watching "Eloise at the Plaza," once of my favorite, favorite, favorite children's books and the movie is fabulous.  Julie Andrews as the nanny?  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.") 

So, shoes in tow (toe?) we triumphantly leave the shop, share teriyaki chicken in the food court, then home.  




elizabeth said...

I love that lining! And yay for finding such a great jackpot!

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

I wish my shoes came with patterns like that. That's so cool!

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

I wish my shoes came with patterns like that. That's so cool!

Allegria said...

elizabeth: Yeah, all went well until this morning when she says,"With these socks my shoes hurt my feet." ARGH!

Laurie: I know. I mean, you can't see the lining when you're wearing them, but just knowing it's there would make me smile.

Lisa said...

Kind of like funky nylons under long wedding dresses...

...and maybe the shoe leather will loosen off a little after a couple of wears with those socks.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful entry of yours. Providing among a nice photography, also wonderful "word-pictures". Please have you all a nice Wednesday.

Pines Lake Redhead said...

I love the Eloise books but have never seen the movies. I'll have to fix that. Cute shoes! Alas, I live with boys.