Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 182

There are better writers than myself who will have heard about this today and do wonders with it, I'm sure.  But I couldn't NOT share this story with you nonetheless.  It made my day a little brighter.  Ninja Knitters.  Whodda thunk it?  I have this image of masked little old ladies, setting aside their canes as they glide noiselessly through the moonlit night armed only with yarn and needles and a desire to cast off gloom and spread a little joy and whimsy.

Cape May Trees the Victims of a Knit and Run?  News at 11.


Julia came home from school and raced upstairs, as per usual, and burst into the room where I work.  She stopped in her tracks and said, "Mummy--it smells really good in here."  It took me a moment to figure out that I had the window open for the first time since last Fall, and what she was smelling in the room was good, clean, fresh air.  So I cast off my work and we went for a little walk around the block together to get more of it.  Indeed, it does seem like Spring is at last making a valiant effort to make an appearance. 

Here's a bird's nest from last year that, for the first time in months, isn't filled with snow:

Dried hydrangeas--just coz I love hydrangeas to pieces.  They're beautiful both when they're dried out and when they're flaunting life.

Our toboggans had a good run this year, but now they're grounded.  Time to put them away.

We just HAD to stop for a quick game of hopscotch in the schoolyard...

..and hang out for a bit near the park entrance.  Deliberated going down there, but it was waaay too...


Yup, definitely a sign that  Spring may actually be around the corner!



Laurie Ashton Farook said...

Hah! Too funny! Naw, this knit and run story is complete news to me, so thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

As long as they are small provide them a nest, afterwards wings to make them fly.

(A poster in room of my son.)
Wonderful photograhy indeed. Glad you have arrived into spring as well. A wonderful Friday for you all.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Oh, love the photos; can spring really be coming???

kathryn said...

Lovely photos! I'm glad you chucked work in favor of some more of that springtime air! How observant of daughter to notice that lovely, clean, sweet smell of spring!

God, how I've missed that!