Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 199: Li'l Puddin'?

It all started when I saw a Facebook SOS last week:  "Chocolate pudding, whipped cream, mashed Oreos. Who wants to make this happen for me?"  Now, I love pudding, and as much as I would have loved to make this happen for Nat, distance was prohibitive.  A day or so later, she posted this.   And it was game over.  Wanted.  Pudding.  Two problems:  My tummy is not taking to milk very well, and even if it did, we didn't have any whole milk.

But then yesterday, hubby says, "Gee, we really need to do something with the half gallon of whole milk in the back of the fridge.  Didn't you buy it for pudding or something?  The best before date was yesterday, but it hasn't been opened."

The heavens parted and the light shone down.  It was meant to be.

Being Canadian and unaware of how many cups in a half gallon etc etc, I asked hubs.  "8 cups.  You can make as much pudding as you'd like."  Quick search in the cupboard revealed a plethora of choices.  So I went a bit mad.  Chocolate cream pie and eight--yes EIGHT bowls--of vanilla-butterscotch mixer with a bit of banana sliced into the bottom.

Topped with fresh whipped cream.

Pudding, anyone?  And Nat--I'll fax you some.

photos taken 03-29


Anonymous said...

Looks scrumpious. Have you ever had oreo balls? It's a package of crushed oreos blended with one block of cream cheese, roll into balls and dip in white chocolate. Pure heaven!!!!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Pudding?? Yum.
With all the rain and wind here today, pudding sounds perfect!

Kim Living Life said...

oh my goodness I hardly ever make desserts even though I adore them so guess who wants to come to dinner please!!!!!

kathryn said...

Oh, yum...that looks SO good. Is that an m&m on top? Do you deliver?
Next day airmail, perhaps??

Charlotte said...

That sounds so yummy.