Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 192

Hubs was at training yesterday and had my computer.  It's probably just as well, because yesterday was one of those annoying kind of days, and I probably would have spent this post venting, which just wouldn't do, now, would it?

BUT yesterday morning while getting ready for church, I decided to wear open toed sandal-y shoes.  And since I've been working on getting my footsies nice and smooth (a bit of pumice stone and lotion every day, just in case you're wondering.), I decided that they deserved a bit of a polish.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've polished my toenails.  Anyway, I gave them a very quick, one coat polish and let them dry whilst I dried my hair and such. 

It was shortly after this that the day completely fell apart.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  I won't go into it much, just to say that the frustration with the house being such a disaster area since I started work bubbled over.  Ooooh!  It made me so MAD.  It was all precipitated by not being able to find one of J's brand new shoes, which was with the other one the evening before.  In a fit of frustration, I grabbed the broom and swept EVERYTHING--all the junk that accumulates during five days that I have to try to get a handle of on Saturday and simply cannot possibly do with the other weekend stuff that is also on my plate--into literally mountains in each room of the house.  It was not a pretty picture. Nor was my voice a pleasant, calm, peaceful, mothering voice, I'm afraid. 

Did we find the shoe?  Late last night. 

Where?  I had to get up to bring Adam to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and when I went back to bed, something else was there.  It was the shoe.  Odd, since I'd made the bed and it hadn't been there, but at least it is found.

Why there?  No idea.  The other one was under my bed.  They had been down in the shoe bin, so go figure.

Did we get it all cleaned up, even though we spent 3 full hours on it after church before going to pick up hubs, and even though I spent tons of time with it on Saturday as well?  Nope.  Of course not.  Too much catch up and not enough time.  And I know I know, it was the Sabbath, and we shouldn't have been cleaning anyway.  But with the disaster that the place was in, there wasn't going to be any peace and calm, Sunday feelings until it was somewhat dealt with.  Bleh.

Will we get it caught up?  I'm afraid probably not until M is in California and I'm full-time momming and housekeeping again.

Did I take a photo of the mess?  You've got to be kidding me!  Of course...NOT!

What made me smile in the midst of all of this disaster of a day?

Six things:  We DID get to church, athough we got there late.  It was a gorgeous day.  The cardinals sang "WHEEE-hoo!" We had a picnic lunch outside after church before we started tidying up.  The kids really, really tried to help me.  And finally, whenever I looked down, I saw this:

Maaan, feet are ugly, aren't they?  But the polish made me smile.  How odd is that?

Photo for today will be up later this evening.  It will probably be of rocks or some such strangeness, since we have to go take some photos for Julia's science fair project today.


Marcie said...

Oh Lynn, I have so been there!(Although I haven't swept the mess into mountains--very original.) Thanks for the laugh, even though I'm sure YOU weren't laughing. May today be filled with sunshine!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Well, at least the feet look beautiful, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, such sweet feet! Prettier than mine, that's for sure!

kathryn said...

Are you kidding? Your feet are gorgeous!! I'm in serious need of some scrubbing and pumice-ing....and polishing.

Seriously. I just want a pedi...done by someone other than ME.

You poor're so tired! It's a lot to do...fulltime mom.
I hope you're getting some help (I mean for the house, not your mental health!)

Anonymous said...

Even though in danger to admit too much, have to say, that it is mostly feet that I do look at at a woman, as Athens nearly has seven months of warm weather, enough time to fall in love with feet.
About the "middle of the night" action, ha! you wouldn't believe how many times that happened to me and next morning his mother would ask, why he wears a different pyjama, as I managed to do all without waking her up.
A wonderful, peace and joyfilled Wednesday for you all.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, to interupt again, it's now short after four in the morning and I just changed a diaper full without his mother even getting an idea...seems as if staying awake, reading blogs is of advantage. Hopefully he'll sleep until late ;)

Lynn said...

Marcie: HA! I've been to your house. It has NEVER been like this! I like the sweeping thing. At least everything is all together in one place, I say.

Maureen: If you say so. :oP HA!

Jane: Aw shucks. Thanks!

Kathryn: You are too sweet. It's probably the mental help that I need! HA!!

Robert: Tut tut. *grin* I've never quite understood the foot thing. I'm more a hand person, myself.

Robert again: Good on you! It's a good man who let's the woman sleep while he gets up and changes nappies. :o) Hope you got some sleep...