Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corner View:

"Who IS this man with the incredible, mysterious mustache?"

When I sent out an SOS on Facebook today, my husband had the awesome idea to have me phone a friend of his who has a mustache and then decorate it.  I just didn't think that was very fair.  I mean, it's easy enough for him to suggest it, being so far away right now and all.  I figured only when HE could take a beribboned 'stache himself could he suggest such a thing be done on a friend!'s the 'do, dear?

I'm sorry--this was a major cop-out on the topic today.  I just don't know anyone with a mustache and any of the ideas I had had been done already.  But I am making it a challenge to find a mustache and do a photo of it within the next few days.  Even if I have to go up to a complete stranger to do it! 

Bring it!

For more prickly, mustacheod photos, check out Cate's place.


le blÖg d'Ötli said...

But it's a nice and funny idea!

Joyce said...

Your husband gets a double high 5 to let you put pink n purple bows on his mustache. Very cute! xo

mir said...

Nice !!!!! Thanks ! What a beautiful man !!!! ;-)

Lynn said...

Otli: Thanks! It being a funny idea had nothing to do with it. It was my ONLY idea! And the look on Julia's face matched so well. ha!

Joyce: I'm afraid I didn't ask his permission. My daughter says purple is his favorite color, so I figured if I used purple, I'd be forgiven!

Mir: Isn't he, though? Darling. :D