Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 361: $20 silver

So I got it in my head to try to make some jewelry out of old silverplate cutlery.  Where's one to find such silverware?  Ebay, of course.  And for $20, I found this beautiful set.  While most of it is one set, missing only 3 forks out of 12, there are about 40 pieces that are a whole mismash of patterns as well--including a few pieces of fairly rare solid sterling.  Don't see much of those, and most jewelry isn't made from it because it's so hard to find.  But anyway, here are a few shots.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking photos until the light was all gone, and I was too lazy to go get my flash and such.  So we're getting what we're getting:

Anne, March 23, 1894


And do you know what I spent an age doing yesterday to a couple of pieces that I found for .50 at an antique shop in town?

Completely wrecking them.  Bent one piece completely and crookedly out of shape and scratched it to smithereens. 

And today to two pieces from this box?

Destroyed three drill bits while trying to drill holes in them, then scratched them up as the drill bounced everywhere.  And that was WITH putting a little dimple in the handles first to try to prevent that. and clamping it securely to a piece of wood.

I think I need some professional help.  Anyone have any tricks?  I'm hoping to find someone that has a drill press that I can borrow, which will probably help a lot.  I just don't want to wreck any more of this beautiful silver!  EEEEK!

When I looked all over the internet finding umpteen instructions on how to make bracelets out of these things, it didn't seem to be such a bit deal.  A bit time consuming, but most said easy and relaxing and not needing more than a few simple hand tools, all of which I have.  The problem, according to the instructions, was cutting them.  No problem.  I used a bolt cutter and the pieces cut like butter.

Drilling they said was easy.  Use a hand drill.  Use a bit for metal.  Clamp spoon to a piece of wood.  Put a dimple in the metal with a nail and drill straight down.  Easy as making breakfast.

So wrong. 

But I think maybe bringing the lot to a drill press and spending some time doing a bunch at once might be the trick.

Argh.  I think a headache is in my future.


April said...

My mother has a ring her grandfather made for her from a spoon. As a girl, I always loved that ring. Hope you find a way to make it work. Then you can pass your wisdom on to the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

wow - what a find. Surely a different speed of time when these were made. Love them. Please have you all a good start into the new week.

daily athens

Chris said...

Hope your headache is better. I agree a drill press it would not make it easier but go a lot faster.