Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 357: Let me introduce to you

"Topknothead Man."

Defender of Adam's bedroom against alien intruders.

He hears them from lightyears away.

He uses his hair to brush them nigh unto ticklishness, at which point they give up and fly away.

The sign also says, in big words that I didn't photograph:  "BOO!!"

That should do it, if the tickling doesn't.

(As Adam's mom, I was just so proud of how he drew a person that actually LOOKED like a person that I just had to show it off.  I think he's going to be the next great artiste of his generation, don't you think?)


Anonymous said...

Looks strong and capable to do all. Please have you all a good and peaceful Tuesday.

kathryn said...

Oh, God...sooooo cute! I love that he got all the basic parts.

Hair? Check. Ears? Check. Face? Uh-huh. Appendages? Yup.

Definitely the next great artiste...

Lynn said...

Robert: Ah yes--I'd trust this guy to have my back!

Kathryn: I guess I'd best go and change that spelling thing so peeple dohnt think I dont no howe too spel. I thought about it, and thought the spelling went with the whole air of the piece. LOL

Charlotte said...

It always thrills me when they start to draw things that resemble reality!