Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 356: New Baby

$5 on ebay.

Found a place that sells 620 film.  Just have to order some and see what kind of photos we can make together, this little camera and me.  Should be fun.  Also found a Brownie for 99 cents.  Once I get some film, I'm going to go on a very careful, cautious, try not to wreck the expensive film that costs twice as much as both cameras together, photo walk.

It's waaaay latee.  I keep dozing over this!



kathryn said...

Oh, God. My dad has tons of old cameras....I'd told him I didn't know if they were worth anything 'cause the film is almost non-existent.

Such a shame....such great old cameras. I'm glad you've given this one a good, loving home.

Lynn said...

Kathryn, tell your dad that B&H stocks film. Pretty much every kind of old film. It's expensive--about $11 a roll, depending on what you need. But it's new film--not expired ancient stuff.

What kinds of cameras does he have? Cameras aren't worth tons, but a Kodak Brownie, for example, goes from between ten and twenty dollars. Although on Ebay sometimes people try to sell them for way more, and people pay, usually you can get them for less if you know how much they're really worth. My 99 cent one was a fluke of nature. Usually they're more!