Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 364

This.  Took. Forever. 

Definitely hard trying to take a photo of oneself.  You should try it sometime!

At least now my front window is clean. 
Until a cat comes along to paw at it,
And little finger and nose prints appear before 8:00 tomorrow morning.
But I know that it was clean for a few hours,
Which will account for some peaceful dreams tonight.
Oh my yes!


le blÖg d'Ötli said...

More than a nice try! A beautiful self portrait.

kathryn said...

If I had to describe your mood in this shot it would be "worried". What were you thinking about, sweetie?

It's a beautiful photo...love the reflection in the glass. Good luck on keeping it clean!

Lynn said...

Otli: Thanks! It was hard to get right, because I couldn't tell whether I was in the frame and whether the auto focus was focusing on me or something else, as is wont to happen.

Kathryn: Not worried. I was just trying to look thoughtful or pensive without looking grumpy. Which is hard to do! I have plenty more where I look like I want to punch my fist through the glass, when really I just didn't want to have a big-toothed grin going on. Would have scared everyone from ever coming back! HA!