Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 360: And off he goes!

Although the orientation was Wednesday, today was the first day of 4yr-old preschool for The Bean.  He loved preschool last year, and could hardly wait to meet his friends and get going for the year. 

"Be sure you have packback in picture, mummy."

"OK, peanut.  I think I've got it!"


"All right."

Julia is feeling like she has been left out of blog-land lately, so I'm going to have to do something about that soon.  And then get off to real blogging.  Somehow.  What is THAT?

Speaking of J, she's at a friend's tonight, so it's The Bean and me.  It's way late, but chocolate is in order, I think.  Preferably on my bed.  Then we're both heading to lullaby land.  He promised he'd sing me a song and tuck me in.   Don't tell anyone I'm feeding my kid chocolate at 9:30 at night, way past bedtime!  Shhhh!  Usually bed is two hours ago, but we just got back from playing a bunch of games at Julia's friend's place, and we're both still wide awake and slightly goofy. 

That said, I'm off now to do the mom thing.  Fun fun fun!

Night all,



Anonymous said...

All the very best for him. Makes one hopeful to see such happiness. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Chris said...

Your photos of The Bean are precious!! I love to photograph children. Their faces are so open unlike us grownups. Your posts are such fun to read Lynn.