Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 354

Great day today, although since the greatest part was on a tube on a river, it didn't seem prudent to take my camera along.  Especially seeing as how during a bit of slight rapid, Julia's tube overturned, and the next thing I knew, my dear daughter was bobbing ahead of me down the river at a fairly brisk pace, and I slid off the tube and down stream to the rescue.  The river isn't called the "Stony Creek River" for nothing.  The whole river bottom is covered in stones--from smallish rocks to boulders.  And unlike a few years ago, when the mining industry had polluted the river to the point of no life, the river now teams with algae and fish, so the rocks were slippery as anything.  I'd grab Julia and try to brace myself on a rock only to find my feet sliding out beneath me.  It was a bit hairy, but thankfully safe (albeit for a couple of scrapes).  That said, having my camera definitely would NOT have been a good plan!  Even after that little bit of heart stopping action, Julia begged to go back and do the run AGAIN, which unfortunately we couldn't do.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  The weather was perfect during the run, starting to storm only when we headed to the car, and it was so very relaxing floating down the river.  Can hardly wait for next season!

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for supper.  I'm not crazy about pizza at the best of times, so my treat was these Hershey Dunker treats.  We ordered.  And waited.  And waited.  So finally decided to bring them home. 

And we ate them.  And lo, although the photos were horrible and fuzzy because of the darkness, the dunkers were delish.

The end!

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