Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 353: Finger Cymbals

I always get a kick out of giving finger cymbals to people and seeing how they play them, because invariably they will stick their fingers through the straps then try to clang them together as though they're playing crash cymbals.  Then they get a look of disappointment on their face and start looking for another instrument to play! 

But then I show them how.  You hold the little straps between you thumbs and forefingers, with the cymbals horizonal, one slightly above the other.  Then lower one and raise the other until the edges of the cymbals gently touch as they pass each other.  "Ting!"  It's beautiful!  And then EVERYONE wants to try! It's such a beautiful, ethereal, magical sound. 

The only way they'd be good as crash cymbals would be if you, erm, wanted your Barbie doll to join the band, maybe?

I'm going to do this shot again tomorrow, and try to improve the shadow situation.  I was onlyusing natural light, and wasn't paying attention, obviously.  I like the sparkle, though!

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