Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 365

Wow.  I can't believe it has been a year since starting this project.  The other day I was looking through the photos and had trouble finding many that I would hang on my wall, but found loads that made me smile when I remembered taking them.

Today I wanted to do something special for a photo, and made a couple little plans, all of which wouldn't work because I can't stretch time.  If I had 3-1/2 hours between 4:00 when Julia got home from school and 6:30 when the PTO meeting began, then maybe it would have worked out.  We tried, and even with the time squeeze we may have made it if it were not for Julia losing bracelet along the way.  So instead of going to where we wanted to go and having time, we took five minutes in the school field before the meeting to mess around with the remote.  Five minutes.  This is it:

It's just...odd looking.  When I turned it to B&W, it did something weird around Julia's lips and chin.  It looks like I cut her out or something.  The colour was kind of strange, too, and I didn't know how to fix it properly so I desaturated it. 

Here are my attempts:

Straight out of the camera:

After saturating and sharpening a bit:

It's still just...wrong.  Splotchy and busy looking, even though the settings shouldn't have contributed to that.  It could simply have been that without being behind the lens, there isn't a decent focus.  Still.

I really, really, need to figure out a decent editing program.

Just goes to show that I have way more to learn than I know, and I need to keep taking and posting photos on here.  I'm actually really looking forward to participating in some of the different memes, photography assignments, online photography courses, and such. And I'm going to take some time to learn Photoshop properly.  So on days that I'm not posting, you can bet I'm still sitting here at the computer tearing my hair out over an editing action that I have no clue how to execute.  I'm certainly not done blogging.  Frankly, it has become such a part of my day, it would be just weirdly wrong to ignore it now!

Thanks to all of you who have commented and gave me the motivation to take a photo every day.  You made this so much easiser and enjoyable.  A great big thank you!  Mwa-mwa-mwa!  You'll keep in touch, right?  Please?  I don't know what I'd do without you!

And yes, I WILL cut Adam's hair tomorrow. 

America's Got Talent Spoiler

And as I'm posting this, I'm watching America's Got Talent, and I actually screamed a little at the end.  So unexpected an ending, but it still made me happy.  Jackie Evancho in Vegas would have been so not good for her, and she's going to be a huge star anyway.  Fighting Gravity will have big shows.  So will Poppycock.  Michael Grimm is the one who could use the money the most and will be the most blessed by the win, so it made me glad for him.  I like how quiet and unassuming he is--and his expression when he won tugged at my heart, and that tug opened my mouth and allowed a small, little, surprised yet happy scream.  I can't believe I just admitted that.

AGT has been my guilty pleasure, although I've missed wackloads of episodes.  Especially enjoy the last few weeks when the acts are actually good.

Now I have to tackle the dishes.



Theresa said...

I don't think it's odd looking. I don't see it. I love the love I see in the shot.

Hey girl, You still want to do corner view? Either way is fine, no worries. Jane and I are updating the list, it has gotten long. Please let me know. Thanks Theresa

Theresa said...

Not sure what the Mr. Linky thing is...does Jane?

kathryn said...

Gosh,'re seeing things with a combination of a practiced eye and that horrible self-incrimination we have when looking at photos of ourselves. You have a beautiful family...and all I can see is the love.

Photoshop's da bomb...but I have to Google a tutorial for almost everything. It's worth it, though.

And don't you dare stop blogging. I forbid it.

(insert dusting of glitter here.)

Anonymous said...

Looks as if you found "another mirror" today as well. May time and life continue to treat you all kind. Looking forward for a further year with many such wonderful surprises one gets used to, arriving at this site of yours.

Oct.11th will be the first anniversary of the daily athens site.

Please have a wonderful Friday you all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! And I love the shot - but black and white is my favorite.

elizabeth said...

You did it! How fantastic! I tried once .. didn't get through January. Ah well.

If I look really closely, I think I can see what you mean about the chin .. but I wouldn't notice it otherwise and think she looks lovely regardless. :) I wonder if it's just a trick of the light on her skin.

Charlotte said...

You made it. Hurray!