Friday, September 17, 2010

puppet making

So strange to start a blog post and not have to check and see what day of the year it is!  Kind of discombobulating.

But here we go:

Is there a place your town that is underused, and you wonder how and why people can NOT be swarming over it droves?  For me, it's the Johnstown Children's Museum.  It has been open just a little over a year, and although there are times when it's pretty busy, usually we're only one of maybe two or three families there.  For someone with small children in a place where there aren't a lot of things to do with little guys, the museum is a gem.  And a family membership is so reasonable, and covers not only the children's museum but THREE other places as well, that to NOT get one is a complete waste of money.  Adam and I go by at least once a week by ourselves, especially when the weather is blah and we need a change of scenery.  Besides the coal slide where kids can dress up like miners and slide into a pile of soft "coal", and the water play, and the huge kitchen with AMAZING play food, and the fishing pond, the big hit is a spot with a bunch of really nice wooden blocks, people, buildings, and vehicles to build a town.  It's good for hours!

Every Friday afternoon at 2:30 they have a craft for the kiddos, and it has become a weekly to-do, what with school letting out early that day.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to sit and chat with two of the girls who work there (Adam and I happened to be the only people in the museum.  Unreal.).  Anyhoo, these girls are so on the ball, fun, happy, and interesting to talk with.  The one in charge of the craft is really gung-ho about it, and so far we've made pinwheels, bugs, nature pictures, and today cute little scarecrow puppets.

How cute are these???

(I know, the puppets are pretty fun, too!)

Is there a place in your town that you love and wonder why others haven't caught on?  Give it a shout-out here! 


le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Adorable place... (I don't have a place like this one !)

Anonymous said...

There's a Children's Museum over here as well. While working seven days a week, have to admit, that time is limited and I hope to be able to visit it soon ... thankful for this reminder.

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