Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 329: just because

Because it was Sunday and we had a late, late lunch and nobody was really hungry at suppertime, and because I ignored the kids while I was on the phone for an age  first with a friend then with my sister, and because it just seemed that we hadn't done anything together all day, and because it just felt right...

...Julia set up Fitzsimmons here on the bed with tonight's book requests and asked me to take a photo of him for the blog, afterwhich we all hopped up on the bed in jammies and had a snacky supper which included cheese, crackers, pickles, apples, and fruit gummies while I read.

And we hung out for almost two hours before mommy realized the time and quite guiltily hustled everyone off to bed!

Another photo.  Note how lovely the GRASS is in focus and not the FLOWER.  Sheez-Louise!  But it will work for my Christmas project.  hehe.

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