Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 350: Back to School

It was inevitable, I suppose, that the summer break would end.  So this morning, mid a misty fog, we met again at the corner to wait for the bus.

I just love her smile!

Can't believe how grown up she looks here.

Showing off the recent gap, thanks to her loose tooth finally coming out last night!  Yay!

Looking forward to joining big sister on the bus next year!


likeschocolate said...

She is super cute and how cute is the little brother. Happy Back to School!

kathryn said...

Oh! You can see a glimpse of the beautiful woman she will one day be. It's breaking my heart!

LOVE the painted nails...and the artfully placed scarf.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read that "fog is a cloud on foot" - may their knowledge rise just as high. Please have you all a good Tuesday and school year. Over here, it begins on Sept.13 th

sarahandmatt said...

Is it really that foggy or did you somehow white out the background? How did you do it? Really cute pics.

Lynn said...

Likeschocolate: (Whenever I see you on here, my mind says it's time for chocolate. You're a bad influence. And I love it!) OK. Thanks for commenting. I did get kind of lucky in my kids' cuteness factor. LOL.

Kathryn: I one photo I couldn't believe how mature she looked. Scary to think how fast they grow.

Robert: Great quote! You always have something beautiful and poetic to say. Thanks so much! You guys go back so much later. Do you let out earlier in the year?

Sarah: It was really and truly that foggy. Some other friends took photos at the same time, and theirs looked nice and bright. They used a flash, though. I didn't, so it looks as it was!