Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 349: Finally--Stackhouse.

Since we didn't do Stackhouse yesterday, when we got home from church, I threw some chicken in the oven, and later on in the afternoon we went down, picnic in hand, to Stackhouse Park for an end-of summer round up before school starts tomorrow. 
I've taken so many photos down there over the past year.

Adam was collecting so many acorns and stones in his pockets, that as we were walking down into the park, he trotted on ahead and fell right down on his face.  Literally ate dirt. And because his pants were so heavy, when he got up off the ground, well, his pants stayed there.  So all the while I was kissing his owies and trying to dig dirt out of his mouth, I was inwardly howling at the spectacle of the boy with the bulging pant pockets!

When we got down to the creek, down they went again.  So he dug everything out. 

Coz it was easier to see the pockets that way.

Here are Julia's finds.  Loads of acorns.  Oy.

Before I go, I wanted to show hubby and Mom and whoever else who might be interested this little tidbit.

Every night Adam falls out of bed.  Even when he had his short little crib converted to a toddler bed.  He does laps around the mattress and ends up on the floor.  Sharing a mattress with him is like being next to a windmill.  To be avoided at all costs.  So last night, as per my usual routine, I go in late to make sure he's still in his bed.  I can't find him anywhere!  He's not on the bed, on the floor, in my room, in the landing, in his sister's room.  So I turn on the light and get on my hands and knees to search.  This is what I discover(sorry for the bad photo---light was horrible, and I didn't want to use a flash).

UNDER his bed on the little crib mattress that we shoved under there for want of another place to put it until the crib is freecycled.  I slowly pulled the mattress out and prayed he wouldn't wake suddenly and wack his head on the springs on the metal bar.  He didn't move. 

And now I'm heading upstairs.  To sleep on TOP of the bed.


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