Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 328: Department of Transportation beaurocracy run amok.

One would expect that at the bottom of the incline plane, where people *supposedly* get from the top of the hill downtown that there would be some sort of transit hub.  A single bus stop, even, so folks could get from the bottom of the hill to where they need to go.


Today the Incline was free because of a music festival, so I figured since Julia was away with a friend for the day that it would be perfect to take a ride with Adam down the hill then catch the bus to Cambria City to the Children's Museum, where we have season passes.  So down we go.  No bus stop.  So I figured we'd walk downtown a ways and hope to find one there.  We walked.  And walked.  And finally realized that we might as well walk to the museum, which took about an hour with little legs.  We stopped and dropped sticks into the river on the way for a break.  Those of you from here know how far it is! And Adam was a trooper.  Not a single whine or complaint.  Just trucked along, picking up rocks and sticks and putting things in my pockets.

Caught the bus back.  Stop right in front of the museum.  Good thing we weren't going by the schedule, though, or didn't look at the schedule and decide to cross the street and go to the playground for half an hour, because a bus came out of nowhere and let us off within walking distance of the Incline.

With nary a stop in sight.

So, lesson is never assume beaurocracy uses common sense.  Too busy posting traffic signs.

Incidentally, the best part of the day for The Bean?  Taking the city bus for the first time.  All five minute ride of it!

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