Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 324: Waffles

Mmmnn, yummy looking, eh?

Rich, chocolatey-looking waffles.


Make your favorite waffle batter.
Pour into waffle baker.
Walk away and do something else.
Remember half an hour later that you had waffles in the baker.
Take a photo.

The end.

Edit (later):  Make that:

Take photo. 
Put more batter in the baker. 
Post photo on blog. 
Once again, forget that you have batter in the baker. 



A Box of Chocolates said...

ha ha I do that all the time forgot my lunch was in the oven while blogging today oh well nice and crunchy.

Chris said...

This is too funny! Been there, done that but not with waffles. Isn't it amazing how easily distracted we become when we try to multi-task. I love the photos and I especially love your post and the humor that's within.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A nice recipe !!!!

Yummy ! and funny ;)

Some chantilly cream ?

kathryn said...

Ouch! You sound just like me!

I'm guessing those waffles were pretty crispy, huh?

(Pour syrup....wait 30 minutes for it to absorb...)