Sunday, August 15, 2010

More from the party

Photo for today will be later, but I wanted to put up some more photos from yesterday for hubby and my mom.  And anyone else, too!  I didn't take many, since I was busy with the kids, but here are a few.  Maren's husband, Kraig, was running around with his camera, so I'm hoping he'll send a few along!  *hint-hint!*

Julia's buddy since birth (pretty much!) Saskia, has a birthday the day before Julia's, so this year we decided to celebrate their birthdays together.  Maren and I have been great friends since we met at storytime at the library when our kids were, gosh, not even a year old.  Handy how that works out!  Anyway, we had it originally planned for last weekend, but Saskia was the only one of Julia's friends who could be there, so we rescheduled.  We held it at a local park near the woods so there would be plenty of room for the kids to run around.  They found mushrooms, as I showed you yesterday, and frogs!

Made hobby horses:

Played a neat German party game that Maren had planned. 

Played and played and played and didn't want to stop for hot dogs or cake. Finally we got them in and I took a bad photo. So I'm not posting it! I posted the cake a couple of days ago, so you can look at that and imagine candles in it and Julia blowing them out. In a blurry manner. I made Saskia an identical cake, only with a purple mane, and Kraig took photos while I lit candles and such for Saskia.

Then presents:

The kids played some more--well after the official party time was over.  But we just let them run around.  Why not?

Maren pointed out that we didn't have a single photo of us together.  So her husband took one of us:

I was up quite literally all night prior, and you can tell!  Holy Bags Batman!

So there you have it.  A really casual birthday party.  No schedule to speak of.  We just kind of went with the flow, let the kids do their kid thing, giving them a couple of things to do to get the creative play juices going, and let them use the time however they wanted, for the most part.  Other than my not being with it enough to do the cakes earlier, it was pretty stress free.  All set to do the same thing next year, Maren?

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