Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 338: Fungus amungus

When visiting Maren and their new, very neat house-in-the-woods, I was fascinated by all of the mushrooms.  So today I grabbed Maren's kids and mine and headed out to the new digs to take some fungus fotos.  hehe.

OK.  This first one isn't fungus.  But I liked it!

And there you have it!  The best of over 100 shots!  Uh..yeah.  I was having too much fun on my stomach in the leaves and dirt communing with the daddy longs legs spiders!


kathryn said...

Wow! Fabulous photos! That's a LOTTA mushrooms. I hope you checked yourself for ticks when you got home. (Not to be a spoil-sport, or anything) In my mind, you are truly willing to do anything to get the perfect shot!

Se'lah said...

cool set looks like a flower.

daddy long legs don't bother's those other hairy spiders that plain ole freaks me out. lol.

one love.

Jenna said...

awesome photos! :)
love the acorn. ha.

A Box of Chocolates said...

oh my goodness Lynn these are fantastic, you have even got a couple of little guys who are either eating or visiting the fungi cute. The last one looks like rather sick bananas. I did the same thing during my photography summer school laid on the ground in the leaf litter and ended up with a huge spider bite on my arm ouch be careful.

Lynn said...

Kathryn: After you posted this, I got all itchy and had the creepy-crawly feeling! But no ticks, thank goodness. I grew up in the woods in BC, and didn't think about ticks at all there. Too cold. HA! Keep forgetting that they exist in this neck of the woods.

Se'lah: Oooh--I don't like those big hairy ones either. *shudder*

Jenna: HA! I knew you would! Very different and not so airy looking as yours, though. Funny how the same thing can look so different!

Kim: It was great fun. No spider bites--but the mosquitos almost carried me off. I swear, they were salivating as they came in for a landing.

Gayle said...

You found such variety! These are great shots, all of them!