Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 333: Crazily busy--so more garden photos.

Getting ready for Julia's birthday party on Saturday, so lazed out and ran into the garden yesterday for the photos.  Sorry I didn't post on the correct day, even though I took the photos.  I had to run out with the kids late to get a few things for the cakes (yes, cakes.  It's a birthday shared with a friend, and I offered to make the cakes).  As a result, we got home late late, and Adam had a restless night.  I was up the stairs every 15 minutes, and finally decided to just stay there without posting.  Laptop is dead (again) so I couldn't bring it up and post there.

So.  SOTC, since I didn't have time to edit:


And Halleluia!  The black eyes susans actually bloomed this year.  Finally.  They're still not looking particularly healthy, but at least we have more than one sickly little bloom.

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