Saturday, August 21, 2010

day 340: Day trip

A friend and I took our kids and went to DC to visit the National Zoo.  Half way there, I thought to myself, "My DSLR memory card is still in the computer at home, and my spare one is in my computer bag.  Grk."  I had my point and shoot, which is good but still limiting.  We've been to the zoo a few times, so I didn't take many photos anyway, but there were a couple of things I wanted to do and couldn't because my camera wouldn't do as it was told!  Ah well--next time, I suppose. 

We stopped at the DC Temple visitor's center first.  The kids and I love going there.  We all love sitting in front of the Christus statue and listening to a beautiful recording of some of the words of Christ from the scriptures.  There was a beautiful display of bronze statues entitled (if I remember correctly) The Hope of Christ, which depicted a variety of scenes from Christ's ministry, including walking on the water, the raising of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and many others. After we spent some time at the visitor's center, we walked behind the temple and had a picnic lunch.

Then from the sublime to, well, the zoo.  We've been to the zoo several times before, and I've taken photos of the animals.  Since I didn't have the camera that I needed to take particular shots that I wanted, I really didn't take my point and shoot out much.  I tried a couple of things, but they really didn't work out as planned, so my zoo photos are limited.  That's OK--it was nice to have the camera stored for a change.  Several of the displays were closed, so we didn't see many of the larger animals.  A LOT of walking!

And Julia, tired and trying to avoid getting her picture taken!  I have none of Adam, and even this photo was taken mostly as a joke to snap Julia out of her sore feet.

I guess it worked!

Other highlights:

Petting the cleanest cow I've ever seen!  The cows I'm used to, well, if you decided to pet them, you'd end up with a palm full of dirt and oil.  Bleh.  This one--clean clean clean and soft!

Getting blocked into the upper level of Amazonia by two spoon-billed something or other birds that also wanted out and didn't like us trying to pass them!  I wanted to take them (and their beaks) and use them to dig into a big bowl of ice cream.  Or maybe hire them to stir a big pot of soup.

The end.


Anonymous said...

One continues to be amazed by the places you are able to visit. What a joy for all the senses. Amazing first picture ! Please have you all a good Sunday.

Lynn said...

Thanks so much, Robert. I lost a follower after this post. Wondering if that photo did it--not that it really matters. Although my religion isn't the focus of this blog, it comes up occasionally since it's part of my daily life. When I'm out and about and doing things that have to do with my faith, the photos are going to pop up here! So I do so appreciate your positive comment.

A Box of Chocolates said...

all this with a point and shoot well done they're handy aren't they!