Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 327: To Infinity...or at least to the dining room chairs.

"Oh no!  Woody's in trouble!  The terrible Tanker has tied him to a...knight's shield! Somebody help!"

"Sheesh--those bonds are tight.  Owch!  Lighten up already, you big, blue thug."

"Buzz Lightyear to the rescue...if I can recover from landing in such an uncomfortable position.  Ow.  But a Space Ranger shuns not danger-- or excruciating pain."

"Ah Jessie--Forzaré una sonrisa despreocupada apenas para usted, mi dulce (and how did Woody's head get so much bigger than my own, anyway?"  (Thanks to online translator!)

Still not feeling 100%--I'm off to bed!  Nighters!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly returned "life" to me. Thank you for this entry and many getting well wishes as well.